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AS of September 14 2023, the repayment deadline for eligible CEBA loan holders to qualify for partial loan forgiveness was extended to January 18 2024. Additionally, CEBA loan holders that submit a refinancing loan application to the financial institution that provided their CEBA loan by January 18, 2024 but require a grace period in order to finalize the payout of their CEBA loan can still qualify for partial loan forgiveness if the outstanding principal of their CEBA loan, other than the amount of potential debt forgiveness, plus any applicable interest is repaid by March 28, 2024 ,  

New Advocate for Persons with Disabilities

McMeekin has extensive experience working with people with disabilities, their support networks and organizations providing services to them.

“Alberta’s government is committed to making supports available and accessible to Albertans who need them. Mr. McMeekin’s experience with the disability community, along with his knowledge of the supports they require, will ensure the programs are accessible to the people who need them. I look forward to working with him to promote and support inclusive communities.”


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