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Canadas Workers Benifit will give Eligible Canadians Up to $2400.00 one time

The federal government updated the Canada Workers Benefit (CWB) back in 2021 and today, over three million Canadians are now eligible for the refundable tax credit — and you could be eligible for up to $2,400.

While tax season can be tough enough, knowing what you are eligible to receive from the Government of Canada is pretty handy information, and we're making it a little easier to keep up with what you may be entitled to.

The Canada Workers Benefit has been set in place to help supplement the earnings of low-income Canadians. For Canadian families who are eligible, they could receive up to $2,400, whereas single individuals who qualify can expect a maximum amount of $1,400.

Want to know if you're eligible and how you can go about claiming the Canada Workers Benefit? Here are all the details you need to know.

Who is eligible?

The Government of Canada has listed the eligibility requirements for the Canada Workers Benefit to those who:

  • Earn working income

  • Are a resident of Canada throughout the year

  • Are 19 years of age or older on December 31, or live with their spouse or common-law partner or their child

New Advocate for Persons with Disabilities

McMeekin has extensive experience working with people with disabilities, their support networks and organizations providing services to them.

“Alberta’s government is committed to making supports available and accessible to Albertans who need them. Mr. McMeekin’s experience with the disability community, along with his knowledge of the supports they require, will ensure the programs are accessible to the people who need them. I look forward to working with him to promote and support inclusive communities.”


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